What T-Shirt Color Works For You

Wearing the right color of clothes will definitely make your look stand out. However, not a lot of people know what colors work best for their skin tone or complexion. While it pays to play with clothing colors sometimes, not all attempts become a success.

T-ShirtsTrying a clothing piece on and sizing it up in the fitting room can help you quiz if it looks good on you. And most of the time, your judgment is right. But, if you don’t have the extra time to fit the clothes on or you want to buy online more confidently, it is best to know some key rules when it comes to t-shirt colors that work best for you.

Knowing what t-shirt colors will complement your skin tone will not only help you save time, and give you more confidence when you’re online shopping, but it is also helpful when you want a custom t-shirt design.

Below are some pointers that you can consider when picking the colors of your t-shirt:

  • Those with Pale or Fair Skin

If your skin has pale or light features, hues that will give contrast to your skin tone will definitely add some color to your complexion.

Colors that Work Best for You

Dark colors such as brown, bottle green, grey, burgundy, navy, and bolder hues of blue will work best for your skin tone as these colors contrast with your skin complexion. If you wish to wear neutrals, go for richer shades. Instead of white, stone and light beige, choose the richer ones such as camel, slate grey, sand, and khaki.

Colors that You Should Avoid

Since you want to give contrast to your skin complexion, you should avoid colors that are soft or pastel shades. Bright colors will also wash you out.

  • Those with Olive or Medium Skin

If you have olive skin that is more likely to tan rather than toast under the sun, then you have a ‘warm’ complexion. This skin tone suits a wider array of colors compared to those with ‘cool’ or fair complexions.

Colors that Work Best for You

While most colors will look good on a medium skin tone, you are guaranteed to look your best by choosing shades that are either a little darker or lighter than the middle ground.

But, what exactly does this mean? If you’re going for light neutrals, choose pale beige over warm sand. You can also pick a bolder shade of purple like magenta instead of mauve.

For a summer look, meantime, you can go all-white or mix light neutrals. You can try some subtle tones with a white linen t-shirt. 

Colors that You Should Avoid

Since your skin complexion will most likely have green or yellow undertones, you must avoid wearing clothes with these shades as they are too close to your skin color.

You would want to avoid looking nude or having your skin tone blend in with the clothes you’re wearing. Some of the shades that you should probably avoid include mustard, mocha brown, pistachio, and olive.

Meantime, if you are going for trickier looks like pastels-on-pastels or all-white, make sure you are tanned enough. This will help you carry the look without appearing washed out.

  • Those with Darker Skin

People with darker skin can try pretty much any color. Picking a color that will look good on your skin won’t be a big problem.

Colors that Work Best for You

Your skin color is perfectly positioned to match a wide array of shades and hues as it does not run the risk of looking washed out as compared with pale skin tones. If you want a custom T-shirt Design, you can use just about any color of your picking. However, there are still some pointers that you need to remember.

Wearing bright, bold colors like cobalt blue or jade green are great but be careful with including balance to your outfit with a containing color, which will help hold your look together.

Colors that You Should Avoid

T-ShirtsIt is best if you will avoid brown. Just like how pastel shades wash out lighter and fairer skin, brown will not contrast with your skin enough. This can result in your look blending in with your skin.

While navy and black are two of the most important colors in any wardrobe, making up most of the corporate and formal wear, it is recommended to use these colors to a minimum. With your versatile skin tone, you can play with other shades and make the most of it.


Feeling confident about what you’re wearing can ultimately make you feel good about yourself. So it is best to know what clothes look good on you. Of course, there are factors to consider, and one is the right color that will help complement your skin tone. With these pointers in mind, you can have a custom t-shirt design that you will feel confident wearing.